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What is the Home Team Advantage?

In team sports, “home team advantage” describes the psychological advantage the home team is said to have over the visiting team because of playing in familiar facilities and in front of supportive fans. 

Concentrix has the home team advantage in business! We’ve done our research and analysis of common market dynamics, and have extensive experience in global WAH deployments. The work at home (WAH) industry is booming and rapidly changing the business world as we know it. Concentrix wants to lead the WAH pack around the world. Our growing transition to WAH models has convinced us that the work at home platform provides the greatest variety of talent, flexibility and cost efficiency globally.

Concentrix’ work at home staff have been increasing service quality and lowering costs for clients since 2004. Team members with decades of remote worker expertise bring value to client programs and lead them. We hire WAH staff from across the continental U.S., Canada and Europe especially those with at-home experience and aptitude. Our WAH solution combines the best-in-class thinking and leadership that is the Concentrix hallmark with an operational and technology approach that comes from our experienced pool of leaders and expertise.

Is Work at Home Right for You?

Wondering if you can cut it? We hire people who are motivated and disciplined, and we favor ability over experience. Although the team shares common goals and the company’s vision, we all come from different walks of life, reflecting the global audience we serve. At Concentrix, we strive to maintain an open culture, focusing on our operating philosophy of the 3 Vs: visibility, velocity and value. 

You are a direct link between our clients and their customers. Skills that would make you successful are:












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Avoid Recruiting Scams!

Be alert! Scammers may try to take advantage of job seekers by impersonating companies and employees to get money or personal information.
Several clues can help you identify recruiting scams.

  • Are you being asked to pay equipment fees, travel fees, or make a payment of any other kind – even if they claim that you will be reimbursed? If so, don’t fall for it! Concentrix never asks for money during the job application process.  
  • Did the email come from a free email account service like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail? If so, don’t fall for it! Email from a Concentrix recruiter will always come from the domain
  • Were you contacted in a chat room (e.g., Google Hangouts or Telegram app)? If so, don’t fall for it! Concentrix does not use external chat rooms for recruiting purposes.  We have a chat room on our Careers website (the page you are on now).  This is the only chatroom where you will find our recruiters.  

If you have any questions about our hiring process, you can contact us at

If someone has contacted you via Google Hangout asking you for money to work at Concentrix, we encourage you to report it. Click here to file a formal scam report with Google.


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